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Food Menu Program Tricks to Boost Appetite in Older Adults

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Assisted living facilities need effective food menu program strategies to deal with the loss of appetite. The problem is common among older adults, a decreased desire to eat can lead to malnourishment – and dietary deficiencies can create serious health consequences. Seniors struggle with mealtime for a number of reasons. Dental issues, medical disorders, depression, and …

Seasonal Menus for Seniors: Best Produce Picks for August

  Menu Planning

Does your assisted living facility offer seasonal menus for seniors? Making meals and snacks with locally-grown fruits and vegetables picked at the peak of ripeness provides many advantages, especially as compared to consuming pre-packaged processed produce. Fresh, seasonal foods have more nutrients than those shipped in from afar or processed and packaged. They’re also fresher and have more flavor. What’s in season in …

Dietitian-Approved Menus for Dysphagia 


Dietitian-approved menus are the best way to deal with senior care home residents who suffer from dysphagia. Dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing, is a common concern for older adults – at least 15 percent of seniors suffer from this age-related dysphagia. Dietitian-approved menus for seniors are designed to address dysphagia, as any disruption in the swallowing process can lead to serious …