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7 Reasons to Use Avocados in Nursing Home Menus

  Menu Planning

You can make your nursing home menus more delicious and nutritious by adding avocados. Avocados sometimes get a bad rap due to their high-fat content, but the flavorful fruit is actually a nutritious choice for older adults. In fact, thanks to their many health benefits, they are widely considered to be a top superfood for seniors. Registered dietitians like using this superfood in nursing …

Dietitian-Approved Menus Help Fight Arthritis Inflammation


Did you know that dietitian-approved menus can help alleviate arthritis pain and stiffness? Arthritis may not be considered a diet-related condition, what we eat impacts our joints. Research shows that certain foods reduce inflammation while others can trigger inflammation. Serving seniors more arthritis-friendly foods – and less of those that cause inflammation – may help reduce pressure …