Recipe Ideas for Seniors: Easy & Healthy Ice Cream Recipes


Developing healthy ice cream recipe ideas for seniors is no simple task – nutrition is key, but both the flavor and texture must be on point.

July is National Ice Cream Month, so now’s the perfect time to look for quick and easy frozen dessert recipe ideas for seniors. Below are four of our favorite healthy ice cream recipes to try.

healthy ice cream

No. 1: Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream

Peanut butter and banana is a much-loved flavor combination – and this two-ingredient frozen treat really couldn’t be easier.

Place frozen bananas and creamy peanut butter in the food processor, then blend until smooth for a delicious dessert. For an added flavor boost, garnish with dark chocolate shavings, chopped peanuts or toasted coconut.

No. 2: Pineapple-Mango Ice Cream

Fruity frozen desserts are senior favorites in the summer, and this tasty treat — with no dairy and no added sugar — definitely delivers on nutrition.

Whir up frozen pineapple and frozen mango in the blender or food processor, adding lemon or lime juice and a small amount of water to balance out the sweet flavor and create a smooth, creamy texture. Top with toasted coconut or fresh fruit.

No. 3: Lemon Ice Cream

A frozen treat that offers the flavor of lemon cheesecake – minus the fat and calories – is sure to be a crowd-pleaser at any adult care center.

Whisk low-fat milk together with non-fat sweetened condensed milk and lemon juice. Freeze in a shallow pan until solid, then break it up and blend in the food processor until smooth. For a flavorful garnish, try fresh berries and graham cracker crumbs.

No. 4: Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is refreshing in the summer, and this tasty and healthy recipe idea comes together in just a few minutes.

Combine frozen unsweetened strawberries and a bit of granulated sugar (or sugar substitute) in a food processor. With the machine on, gradually add a mixture of non-fat plain Greek yogurt and lemon juice. Blend until smooth, then garnish with fresh banana slices or mini chocolate chips.

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