Could a Food Menu Program Benefit Your Assisted Living Facility?


A professional food menu program can help you address the unique challenges of managing mealtime at your assisted living facility.

Food Menu Program Benefit Your Assisted Living Facility

Meeting the individual dietary needs of your residents with delicious, satisfying meals can be difficult and time-consuming – particularly since you need to be mindful of your food service operation budget. To make mealtime management easier, consider adding a menu planning program.

Menu software is a practical, cost-effective solution to all your meal planning problems. And, with the money you can save from increased efficiency and reduced waste, you might be surprised to see how quickly the program can pay for itself.

Make Menu Planning Easier

Does your assisted living facility rely on cycle menus?

With a food menu program, you can create new menus or edit the provided recipes with a few clicks of the mouse. The software also allows for easy ingredient replacements for residents with diet extensions. And, the menu planning system saves you time by automatically generating shopping lists and food cost reports.

Simplify Food Production

With a menu planning program, your food service staff will know exactly how many servings of each meal item to prepare. The software runs scaled production worksheets based on the recipes chosen, which takes away the guesswork and makes meal prep go more smoothly.

Reduce Food Waste

Menu planning software maintains an organized, up-to-date listing of the foods and ingredients in your assisted living facility’s pantry and freezer. Having an easy way to track your inventory will help you make sure that what’s on hand is used up before it expires, which will reduce food waste.

Organize Resident Information

Meal-related details about each resident – including diet extensions, allergies, preferences, dislikes and usual dining location – are right at your fingertips if your adult care facility uses a menu planning program. With easy-to-read spreadsheets and menu-integrated tray cards, your food service staff will be better able to focus on person-centered care.

Boost Resident Satisfaction

Mealtime is often the highlight of the day for adults at assisted living facilities – and tasty meals make for happier residents. Menu planning software includes hundreds of tried-and-true, crave-worthy menus designed to appeal to the senior palate. Recipes can easily be edited to add regional and seasonal favorites, which also helps increase resident satisfaction.

Are you looking for a simpler approach to assisted living facility mealtime management? The comprehensive Grove Menus software system, with a suite of user-friendly food service tools and hundreds of delicious, dietitian-approved menus, is the ideal solution.

Grove Menus makes meal planning and food service operation management much easier, saving your assisted living facility both time and money. Contact us today to schedule your free, no-pressure demonstration of our food menu program.