Dietitian-Approved Menus & Person-Centered Care


Dietitian-approved menus can help improve the quality of life for those living in assisted living or senior care centers. Likewise, person-centered care can help reduce some challenging mealtime behaviors in seniors.

Person-Centered Care

When food choices are driven by the individual interests and needs of the residents, everyone is much happier. For older adults, simple things – like getting to eat what they want, when they want – make a big difference.

With a dietitian-approved food menu program, person-centered care is built right in. This is just one way that food service meal planning programs can boost senior well-being.

Seniors Get to Make Food Choices

In the past, assisted living centers traditionally had set meal plans and seniors basically had to eat whatever food was provided. As you can imagine, the take-it-or-leave-it style of food service has never been a favorite among seniors.

Offering choices can be difficult for many senior care centers, however. Budget may be a concern, and the food service staff may not have the resources to plan for a variety of menu options.

Meal planning programs address these challenges. Inventory management makes it easier to stay on budget, and the advanced software technology automates much of the meal planning process. With this type of menu system in place, seniors can make their own food choices.

More than “Three Square Meals” a Day

Senior care centers typically offer three nutritious meals every day. However, not everyone can – or want to – make it to the dining room for every scheduled mealtime.

Seniors benefit from having the option to eat earlier or later, based on their needs and desires. While not every assisted living facility can offer all-day food service, those that provide person-centered care avoid rigid, set-in-stone times for meals.

Automated meal planning makes it easier to give seniors some flexibility in terms of when they eat their meals and snacks. With a food menu program in place, seniors can access healthy snacks and light meals outside of the scheduled mealtimes.

Menus Designed to Meet Individual Dietary Needs

Most seniors don’t appreciate being told what to eat or when to eat it. However, eating a balanced diet is important for residents of assisted living centers. So, some choices do need to be limited.

Dietitian-approved menu programs do a great job of balancing the tastes and wants of the residents along with proper nutrition.

In planning appropriate food options, the preferences, restrictions and allergies of each resident are taken into consideration. The meals and snacks offered meet the individual dietary needs of the seniors as well as any doctors’ dietary directives.

Grove Menus offers an easy-to-use meal planning program designed to provide person-centered care to residents of assisted living and senior care facilities. Our innovative food service program saves time, reduces costs and makes meals and snacks more enjoyable for seniors.

For a free demonstration of the Grove Menus program – with dietitian-approved menus and flexible mealtime options – contact us today.