Simplify Prep For Assisted Living Food Menus


Assisted Living Meal PrepAssisted living food menus are a complicated matter, and trying to deal with them on paper or even on outdated software is a huge hassle. Ask any kitchen manager who’s had to spend an afternoon poring over a sticky binder of old par sheets, typing out pull sheets and prep lists, and meticulously going back and forth to a separate system containing your residents’ dietary info…

“What if you could streamline the entire process and reclaim enough time and budget to provide your residents with a nicer variety of healthier foods?”

That’s precisely what a state-of-the-art menu planning software package will do for you.

End Menu Madness

Menu planning software begins with a huge database of dietician-approved recipes. Nutrition facts are calculated automatically and re-calculated if the recipe is updated. The recipes are scalable, so it’s easy to adjust to changing population numbers, or days when you will also be feeding visitors.

You can search for recipes using specific ingredients and dietary restrictions as criteria, and you’ll get a list to choose from. Each recipe includes modifications to accommodate a variety of preferences and dietary needs. Check out what your food supplier has on sale, then easily select menu items that take advantage – in minutes, not hours.

Costing Clarity

Costing could simply not be easier than it is with menu planning software. Upload your price list and item UPCs (or use the included costing data for estimated cost), choose your menu, and your Cost Per Day (Cost Per resident per Day: CPD) is automatically calculated. Every recipe in the database is costed for you, so you can try out different menu selections until you’ve found exactly the right balance for your budget and residents.

Perfect Purchasing

Once you’ve set your menu choices, an order list is automatically generated for you, so you never need to hand-calculate again. No more overspending because you had to make an emergency run to the local restaurant supply or supermarket because you ran short, and no more throwing away overages. Put an end to wasted time and money.

Pull and Prep

Automated pull sheets, prep lists, and diet extension spreadsheets make everything easy for your kitchen staff, too. No more emergency thawing of forgotten frozen salmon! It’s all right there, on a simple calendar format, so if ever one of your regular staff calls in sick, it’s perfectly clear what needs to be done.

The diet extension spreadsheet helps out with cooking special meals to comply with doctors’ orders, and even includes helpful reminders like leaving the salt or sugar off of a tray, when needed. Serve the freshest food possible, without waste, hurry, or worry.

Top it off With Traycards

Because your residents’ dietary records are in the same system as your kitchen data, you also get the convenience of printable tray cards, with no extra hassle. Traycards ensure that each resident gets the food he’s supposed to, and nothing he’s not supposed to have. Your budget benefits by reducing wasted food due to mistakes.

Save Time, Money, and Headaches

Streamlining your kitchen operations by converting to a fully computerized and integrated system prevents waste and mistakes, and lets you economize on ordering. Assisted living food menus are so much easier with a complete menu planning system like the one offered by Grove Menus.