Restaurant Style Menus and More


Grove Menus is committed to consistent growth and improvement.  Below are two new exciting  features that expand our already impressive capabilities.

Fully Customizable Secondary Option – Available Now

You now have the ability to substitute any recipe in our database as a secondary option, opening the world of potential within the Grove Menus program.   To watch a short video of this feature click on the link below:

Always Available/Restaurant Style Menus – Coming June 2013

Grove Menus is excited to announce Restaurant Style Menus.  You now have the ability to create a restaurant style menu with “Always Available” options and the flexibility is endless.

Restaurant style menus will be customizable in a number of ways:  1.  Any item from our database can be added to it and those items will fully integrate into the program including the shopping list.  2.  Category headings and recipe descriptions.  3.  A number of templates that you can choose or that can be downloaded to Microsoft Word for further editing.

Future Projects

Grove Menus Apps – In the coming months watch for an app that will allow you to easily access the shopping list via smart phone and tablet.  Further phases of the app will allow you to quickly access recipes so you can use a tablet in the kitchen for your recipes instead of printing every recipe.

Food Service Synching

We are looking into the ability to synchronize shopping lists with food service company lists so that our program will pull in their pricing and UPC codes.  Eventually we will have the ability to generate a report based on what you bought compared to what was supposed to be bought and other useful reports to help you control costs.