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Fabulous Fiber


…helps us in so many ways – its numerous health benefits are proven and well documented.  Fiber is only found in plant products,  so if a food comes from an animal, it does not have fiber. That means if you are consuming most of your calories from meat, chicken, fish, cheese, milk, bacon, and fats …

Why Good Carbohydrates are Good


What if I say, “Functional Foods!” – boring and difficult to understand, right? Not at all! It’s the perfect term to describe why the good carbohydrates of fruits, vegetables, and unrefined grains are good. Simply put, functional foods give you more bang for your buck. They have the ability to give you health benefits beyond nutrients …

Naughty or Nice?


It was suggested a list of good and bad carbohydrates would be helpful before we move on in this carbohydrates series. Good Carbohydrates: Whole Grains – in her article Healing for Dummies, Molly Spile wrote that  “…a whole grain is a complex carbohydrate, the original with all its parts. A refined grain is just a carbohydrate, and is …

The Confusion about Carbs


“Carbs” is a buzzword. It’s almost as taboo as politics or religion.  People tell us what to eat or not, but can’t really tell you why. As a dietitian, one of the biggest misconceptions I see as I work with residents and families is their concept about carbohydrates, “carbs.” Who knows where the confusion all …