How to Boost Fiber in Assisted Living Food Menus


Dietary fiber is essential in assisted living food menus, as it has many nutritional health benefits. A high-fiber diet can help keep cholesterol and blood sugar levels in check. This nutrient also plays an important part in digest health and aids in weight loss and management.

high fiber menus

Would you like your nursing or residential care home residents to eat more fiber? An efficient meal planning program makes it easy to include plenty of this vital nutrient in your recipes.

Include High-Fiber Breakfasts In Assisted Living Food Menus

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and one that your residents look forward to. Assisted living residents will start the day with plenty of nutritional fuel when the meal provides a fiber boost.

Whole-grain, high-fiber cereal with low-fat milk is always a great choice, but offering a variety of breakfast options in your food menus will keep your residents happier and more eager to eat.

Consider toasted oatmeal waffles or whole grain French toast, for example. Or serve up homemade granola with yogurt. You can also include fiber-packed breads and muffins at breakfast as well as snack time.

Pack Assisted Living Meals with Fresh Fruit, Veggies and Legumes

A variety of fresh fruits, including apples, pears, berries, oranges, bananas and prunes, are packed with healthy fiber. Broccoli, turnip greens, Brussels sprouts and sweet corn are among the many veggies that provide a good source of this nutrient. And, legumes like peas, beans, nuts and lentils are also packed with fiber.

To increase the amount of dietary fiber in your assisted living meals, simply add more of these nutrient-rich ingredients to your food menus.

Fresh fruit is well-liked and easy to serve, so consider adding some to every meal. Slice some up as a side dish or as part of dessert, or blend up fiber-rich fruit smoothies for your residents to enjoy.

Incorporating more veggies and legumes in your menu program is also easy to do. Simply use more of these foods to bulk up salads, soups, stews and casseroles. Or, puree them for a delicious high-fiber dip.

Include High-Fiber Snacks in Your Assisted Living Food Menus

When the afternoon slump hits, your residents may want to reach for a salty or sweet snack. Instead of chips and cookies, try offering more nutritious food choices that deliver a fiber boost.

Whole grain crackers and popcorn are perfect fiber-rich snacks. For residents with a sweet tooth, consider trail mix, granola bars, apple crisps or peanut butter and jelly on whole grain bread.

For cost-effective, dietician-approved recipes designed to boost your residents’ nutrition, consider the Grove Menus program. Our menu planning tool makes it easy to create healthy meals that are both delicious and cost-effective. Contact us today for a free, no-hassle demonstration of our system for automating your assisted living food menus.