3 Reasons to Use a Menu Planning Program at Your Facility


Menu Planning ProgramA comprehensive menu planning program makes designing high-quality, nutritious meals for assisted living residents quick and easy.

The exclusive Grove Menus food menu system offers flexibility and a variety of options that make menu development much easier. Let’s look at how our automated tools can improve your food service processes while lowering your costs significantly.

Effective Menu Planning Programs Cut Down Staff Time

Meals at assisted living facilities must be planned with a focus on the budget as well as the nutritional needs and dietary preferences of the residents.

Incorporating all of these factors in creating menus for seniors can be quite time-consuming, especially when done by hand. Depending on the number of residents you regularly feed, this easily becomes a full-time job for one or more staff members

Menu planning software takes care of the details, such as balancing food costs with all of the other variables, freeing up staff for other roles while improving the cost and consistency of meals.

An Automated Menu Planning Program Will Cut Food Costs

In addition to the labor costs preserved by using our automated menu planning tool, the Grove Menus system can help you cut your overall food costs significantly.

The Grove Menus software system keeps track of your inventory, so you’ll have very little food waste. The shopping lists are clearly organized, allowing for quick substitutions to use ingredients that are on sale.

In addition to inventory tracking, our program allows your staff to plan well in advance. This provides the opportunity to leverage ingredient sales and bulk discounts. Simple pick and prep lists can be generated a la minute, so even changes made last-minute will not result in extra confusion or cost.

A Menu Planning Program Will Standardize Production

If your assisted living facility is large, or if you have multiple locations, managing food production can be especially challenging.

Seniors must have nutritious meal choices and access to a variety of calorie-boosting yet healthy snacks, drinks and condiments. Providing all of these to every resident is important, and for that, production must be standardized.

With a menu software program, this is much more easily accomplished. Everything is computerized, which allows you to manage facility-wide production with just a few keystrokes or clicks of the mouse.

No more poring over stacks of paper and making calculations by hand.

And, because the Grove Menus system is flexible, you can make changes whenever necessary. If you elect to switch food distributors or create seasonal menus that use local ingredients, for example, you can use the program to enact a facility-wide change. For special diets or doctor’s orders, changes can also be easily accommodated on the individual level.

To truly understand all of the advantages of using a menu planning program, you must see it in action. Contact Grove Menus today for a hassle-free, no pressure demonstration of our automated menu planning system.