Assisted Living Food Menu Ideas for Spring


Spring Assisted Living Food MenusCustomizing assisted living food menus with seasonal recipes can be challenging, but it’s important for keeping your residents engaged and eating well.

The onset of spring means a bounty of fresh vegetables. It’s time to retire the comforting but heavy stews and soups that are appropriate for the colder weather. Instead, think light, bright and healthy.

Create Light and Healthy Spring Salads with Seasonal Vegetables

The bright colors of spring’s favorite veggies make for an ideal cold salad. Served as a lunch option or a side dish with the evening meal, your residents will love this addition to your assisted living food menus.

Present a mélange of healthy, green goodness by combining snow peas with lima beans and asparagus. Add blanched almonds, sesame seeds or pine nuts for healthy, senior-friendly texture. A simple drizzle of light vinaigrette takes on a light Asian appeal by adding a splash of sesame oil and soy sauce to the dressing.

Lighter Entrees Excite Assisted Living Menus

Chicken and fish are the go-to options for warm weather nursing home menus, but you can break out of that rut with some healthy alternatives.

For a festive change of pace, consider lamb, pork or duck in a light but luscious braise. Give leg of lamb the Mediterranean treatment with a kale, feta and green olive stuffing. Salmon takes on the feel of pure spring when prepared with fresh herbs and served on a cool quinoa salad.

For your vegetarian and gluten-sensitive residents, consider a light pasta primavera using spring vegetables and gluten-free pasta. Or create a beautiful stir-fry with marinated tofu, fresh peas and enriched Asian noodles.

Roast a medley of carrots, asparagus and fresh squash as a light side. Or, toss red potatoes in olive oil and chopped fresh parsley.

Spring Desserts for Seniors Are Fresh and Light

The fruits of spring and summer make for healthier and lighter senior dessert recipes that are perfect for an assisted living food menu program.

Mix healthy berries with poached rhubarb for a bright and flavorful option. Instead of the tradition but less-healthy whipped cream topping, top this dish off with a swirl of nutrient-rich Greek yogurt instead.

Grove Menus understands the importance of changing nursing home and assisted living menus with the seasons. By doing so, you provide your residents with a bright and energizing flavor profile that keeps them eating.

Healthy, seasonal ingredients don’t have to be difficult or expensive to incorporate into your facility’s menus. Contact us today and let us show you how our menu planning tools can assist your facility in purchasing, preparing and presenting delicious, healthy meals. We would love the opportunity to provide a demonstration of how Grove Menus can help improve your assisted living food menus.